Best Reading Light For The Bed

Use indirect light to create a pleasant atmosphere. The first thing to consider is the size and height of the bed if you plan to put a wall light so that it matches precisely, once installed, with the tables and the bed with bed head light (ไฟหัวเตียง which is the term in Thai).

General lighting is not the most recommended for reading. It is more convenient to lean on a specific light. For example, a wall lamp or table lamp with a screen to create ambient light in the room and an LED reader to focus the book.

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Bet on general lighting, but always led. Some specialists consider that the bed may not be the best place to read. In any case, they aim not to underestimate the natural light and the room’s general lighting. Furthermore, with LED systems, consumption does not skyrocket, as it happened before with halogen or incandescent light when the minimum necessary consumption was from 300w. For this reason, sconces or table lamps were used. With the LED system, we are talking about 50W to have a room of about 12 square meters well lit.


What are the perfect wall lights for the bedroom? To make reading a pleasure, the best choice is to put articulated wall lights on the wall or the head of the bed. As these are small and highly decorative luminaires, greater functionality will be achieved without sacrificing the space available on the bedside tables.

Regarding how the fixtures should be, three main issues must be taken into account:

  • They must provide a direct light that avoids visual fatigue without being excessive or interfering with the rest of the other occupants of the bedroom.
  • The sconces on each side of the bed should be turned on and off independently.
  • They must have articulated or flexible arms to direct the light where it is needed.