4 Steps To Paint Your Wooden Furniture And Give Your Environment A New Face

Once you’ve decided what you want your wooden furniture to look like, it’s time to move on to the painting itself. Let’s break the steps down into four steps so that the process is easy.

1 – Separate All Necessary Material

Some materials are essential for painting your wooden furniture. Maybe some you already have at home, some you don’t. So, look at the list of what’s needed and buy what you need before starting the actual painting process.

  • Sandpaper for wood number 100 and 180;
  • Finishing wood sanders (fine-grained);
  • Wood repair putty;
  • Primer;
  • Enamel or acrylic paint (water-based);
  • Wood protective varnish;
  • Foam roller for painting;
  • Soft bristle brush;
  • Cardboard or newspaper to cover the floor below the furniture where the painting will be carried out;
  • Personal protective equipment for you to protect yourself, such as a mask and glove.

2 – Sand The Furniture, Apply Putty On Imperfections, And Finish

The first action for those who want to paint wooden furniture with wood paint (สีทาไม้ which is the term in thai) to give the environment a redesign is to sand the furniture very well. This is one of the most important steps because if you don’t sand the furniture well, the paint will not be applied well, and the furniture will look ugly. So invest time in this process. With sanding, you will remove the old paint and varnish from the wood.

As soon as you finish sanding, you may notice some areas of the furniture left with imperfections, such as small holes. These are where you should apply the wood repair putty. Follow the putty application instructions and allow it to dry. When it is dry, sand it again. Clean the furniture well. It is essential to remove dust well. Then go to the finish, which should be done with fine-grained sandpaper.

3 – Apply The Primer

The primer is nothing more than a product that will increase the durability of your paint. That’s why he’s so important. Follow the application instructions and let it dry well. Two coats of primer are required.   Afterward, use the finest finishing sandpaper to remove any excess primer that may have remained on the furniture.

4 – Use Enamel Or Acrylic Paint And, If You Prefer, Varnish

The big moment has arrived, the time to apply the paint to the furniture. Keep in mind that all the preparation steps probably took longer than the painting itself, so don’t skip any steps.  The best type of paint to use is enamel or acrylic paint. You can dilute it a little and apply two coats, always waiting for the correct amount of time for each coat to completely dry.