How to Wash Net Curtains

Curtains are a common window treatment. With many varieties to explore, each has its own benefits. Among these net curtains are also used a window treatment. They allow the right quantity of light to enter. Also, the debris and dust can get caught up on the net. That makes these curtains look grimy and dusty creating a bad odor. So it is essential to clean the curtain to maintain its function and look.

Follow these following steps to appropriately clean your net curtains.

To start off, prior to cleaning remove the dirt and dust from the curtains. Try dusting such a way that it could be washed as white as possible. A lot of dust and dirt get trapped in it. So it is essential to pretreat the curtains before washing them. Then remove the curtains by taking down the curtain rod. Slip the net curtains from one side.

Soak the curtains in water as a pretreatment. Choose a bucket in which you can soak the curtains into it. Next, get vinegar and baking soda. These both are powerful natural cleaners. They help get your curtains clean making them shiny and white. For maximum cleaning use both. Or else either one can work. Make sure if you are using both do not use them together. One is acid and the other base and they cancel out each other. Using together they minimize the cleaning effect.

Now pour lukewarm water into the utensil or basin you have soaked the curtain into. Make sure you pour enough water to cover the curtains. Now add a cup of vinegar in the bucket. This will make a vinegar solution soak for the curtains. If the smell is disturbing, add 1 or 2 tbsp. of lemon juice. This will also help in cleaning the curtains. If the net curtains are of linen, refrain using vinegar. As it actually burns the fabric. Mostly net curtains are made of polyester. But if you are not sure, skip; the vinegar. Then Leave the curtains soaked for an hour or overnight. This helps to remove the dust as well as the odor.

For an extra cleaning after using vinegar soak, use baking soda. Create a baking soda soak using lukewarm water and a cup of baking soda. Soak the curtains an hour or overnight. This will remove any remaining dirt and will lift stains.

After these pretreatments, it is time to wash the curtains. Most net curtains can be easily washed in a washing machine. If the curtains are of polyester, a delicate cycle would do. But if the curtains are of delicate material you need to hand wash them. Delicate curtains which are antique can fall apart if rigorously washed. This goes for curtains made of silk or wool too. You can hand wash by using a basin of cold water. Then add a little dishwashing soap or a detergent. Gently mix so that the soap penetrates the curtains. Do not squeeze but just hang it outside. And allow it to dry. This also prevents major wrinkles.

Make sure you choose the appropriate detergent for delicate fabrics. For instance, use the one specifically made for delicate material or especially for whites. If there is no special detergent, anyone could work. As you have already pretreated them. The stains had been removed already. So the choice of detergent won’t matter much.

While in the machine, add towels or other white clothing. This will add bulk and help balance the load. This is to get the optimum performance of the machine. After washing with the detergent, it is time to rinse with water. You can add a fabric softener to the rinse cycle. Make sure you turn the spin to slow, giving curtains extra softness.

Make sure not to tumble try the net curtains. This will make them shrink. Just rinse and take out the curtains. Hand them outside to dry. You can also put damp curtains to the rod and let them dry while hanging. Try hanging them appropriately. As it is difficult to iron the wrinkles on a net curtain. It is better not to squeeze them and add to curtain rods while damp.