How to landscaping and patios

It all comes down to preparation! Have you ever wondered how much an absolutely spotless paint job costs? It is very similar to the realism of artificial grass. And compaction of sub grade material you’ll never see again. If the prep work for artificial grass isn’t absolutely perfect, the grass will never come to life! Let Design Landscape bring your new investment to life and make the neighbors green with envy!

Curb Appeal

  • When it comes landscaping and patios to artificial turf, details matter. Have you ever walked around your neighborhood and looked at all the different yards with artificial grass? Notice that some look better? Do they look more realistic? Do they have high-quality permanent borders? Do they have brick, paved or concrete curbs? We think the answer is yes! These little details matter and will ensure your artificial grass looks as good as it did on day one for many years to come!
  • Is artificial grass hot?

Well, artificial grass is a synthetic product that can absorb heat, so the answer is yes, it can feel warm. But ARC Design is always at the cutting edge of turf technology, so there are ways to beat the heat! Might be a marketing ploy, but there are a few manufacturers who have made it work. They’ve come up with the second breakthrough in grass infill that dramatically changes the temperature of your artificial turf. Finally, here are a few tricks you can use to beat the heat. Contact us today to discuss the best products and tricks for your garden.
Some municipalities and homeowners associations place restrictions on installing artificial turf in front yards, or at all. Check with your HOA or city planning department before purchasing or installing the artificial turf. It will stand up to the harshest of climates and certainly San Diego. Studies have shown that San Diego’s artificial turf fades less than 0.5% per year, which is imperceptible to the human eye even after many years. Because of this, a designer landscape offers one of the longest UV guarantees in the industry.

Artificial grass increases your usable living space, turning a dusty or muddy area into a clean, green lawn. It also greatly improves the attractiveness of your home and can add value to your home.