What you should know when buying hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooringis among the popular kinds of flooring solutions that a majority choose to have installed. But do we know what is behind it? Customized hardwood floors come either in engineered hardwood or solid hardwood. Since the installation of the floor depends on the level of comfort, the demand for that particular flooring goes the same way alongside. Want to know what else is there when going for the purchase of a hardwood flooring solution? Read out as below;

  • Moisture content

Do you know what the ideal moisture content of the actual hardwood product is? Almost every manufacturer in the industry will approve moisture content in the flooring solution which helps tolerate the process of installation. Despite the fact that some movement could be in range, the expansion and contraction could take place outside the measurement.

When planning to make a purchase of the hardwood flooring, check out the moisture level, i.e. if the subfloor comprises more than 12% humidity, it is better not to go for that particular hardwood floor.

  • Variations in natural products

When going for the purchase of the hardwood flooring, it is better to consider if it carries the inherent beauty, i.e. if they allow the stain. If the floor is realistic, no two pieces will be the same. This is what makes the flooring add a luxurious feel especially when compared to the laminate flooring. While working on the flooring, it is a must to check out if the layout and the colors are perfect.

  • Culled material

When buying, if it’s the hardwood flooring, there will be some natural wood pieces. These cannot be referred to as defective, but waste and this is 5-10% allowed.

  • Climatic control

If you reside in an area where climatic change is too quick and common, this can dissatisfy majority customers from going for the hardwood floor. When the temperature and humidity level shows some sudden changes, this will be harmful for the material used in the production of hardwood flooring. If you can always keep a pot of hot water on the stove in order to maintain moisture in the air, only then going for the hardwood flooring can show it’s wonder.

  • Scratches are common

If you are willing to install the hardwood floor in your living room, note that the floor that does not scratch is not the real hardwood floor. Almost all types of hardwood floor receive scratches, dents, and a lot more until the manufacturer does not add scratch-resistance surface that contains the aluminum oxide.

Do you have this ultimate desire to install the hardwood floor? First of all if your area is prone to receive heavy traffic, it is better not to abuse your floor. Instead, go for the other available options. For areas with lesser abuse to the flooring, hardwood flooring works wonderfully. Additionally, keeping them perfectly cleaned further helps with maintaining them for more than the expected time period. Do you have the hardwood flooring installed in your home? Do share with us!