The Reason Why You Need An Entrance Mat

Having an entrance mat like a heavy duty entrance mats on the house or apartment door is very common, but do you know why? This is one of those items that combine the useful with the pleasant. In addition to decorating the entrance door, rugs bring many benefits to everyday life.

Provides Security When Entering The Home

Another reason to have an entrance mat is that this item provides more security when entering the house, especially on rainy days. With the soles of shoes soaked through and some very smooth floors when wet, the chances of someone slipping when entering your house increase.

To prevent this from happening, entrance mats are essential for people to dry the soles of their shoes. In addition, most of the rugs used at the house entrance have bases produced with non-slip materials, precisely to prevent someone from falling when stepping on the rug. The entry mat model produced here at Astra has a rubberized base, making it difficult for anyone to slip on it. And for the product to have a good grip on the floor, it should only be placed on the clean and dry floor.

As some products used in cleaning make the floor more slippery, it is essential to periodically clean the carpet and floor with neutral products to ensure greater safety. Another essential attitude to avoid slipping on the rug is to avoid running on it. The ideal is always to be calm and even rest your hands in a fixed place, such as a wall. With these tips, the use of the mat is safer, and you prevent someone from slipping or tripping on it.

A New Face For The Entrance To The House

You’ve already noticed that the entrance mat is convenient for everyday life, right? And in addition to this advantage, it also allows you to decorate your home entrance with your style. You can choose a template with images from your favorite series or one that contains humorous phrases and plays with whoever comes to your house, for example. There are models for all tastes, so it’s easy to find a pattern to decorate your home door. And if you prefer a more basic and elegant entrance mat.