Here’s How To Stylize A Portable Toilet For Your Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding setting can be pretty romantic. However, most outdoor venues do not have their own toilets. For this reason, couples subscribe to Portable toilet rental. Just because it is a rented potty, however, does not mean it cannot be pretty. There are ways for you to upgrade your portable toilet rental and make it as comfortable and classy as an indoor toilet.

Make entrances

Renting entrance tents is probably the best way for you to make your portable toilet rental look more classy. As these entrance tents are not part of the rented toilets yet, you can add all the lighting and decoration that you please. You can make a carpeted path to the portable toilet and add fairy lights and mirrors as accents. You can even provide couches for those who would like to freshen up or as a waiting area for those who are in line.

Separate boys from girls

If you really want to make your portable toilet rental look like their indoor counterparts, it is best to separate the toilets of the boys and the girls. Provide tent entrances for both and make sure these toilets are clean and fresh smelling.

Provide toiletry baskets

Most portable toilet rentals are very basic. They won’t have the same accommodations as a classy hotel toilet. You can mimic the classy feel of an indoor toilet, however, by providing toiletries baskets. You can include soaps, tissue, sanitizers, lotions and everything you can think of to add to make your guests feel more comfortable. You can even add sanitary napkins and tampons for the ladies. Hopefully, the size of your portable toilet allows for this addition.

Decorate as companies would allow

You can also add more frills to the toilets themselves by using easy to remove adhesives. Of course, the decorations need to be approved by the rental company so you should provide them with your design at an earlier date. You may also need to sign something in case of damages.

Put fragrances

Your portable toilet can look pretty but if it smells nasty, it won’t be impressive to your guests at all. Put hanged fragrances to keep the portable toilet smelling fresh. This should also be cleaned regularly to make sure that you are not presenting a dirty toilet to your guests. An ample number of portable toilets for the number of guests you are inviting should help you make sure that you won’t be dealing with nasty toilet smells during the wedding.

Exclusive toilets for wedding party

You can also make sure you have exclusive portable toilets for the wedding parties and for the bride and the groom. This assures you easy access during the ceremony and reception in case touch-ups are necessary. Of course, you don’t want your setup to look like it’s surrounded by toilets to do your best to “hide” the portable toilets and keep them in theme with your wedding. Forest-like branches and flowers usually are enough decoration to make them look pretty enough for the wedding. You should also hire attendants and cleaners to keep your toilets orderly.

Portable toilet rental can spell a world of comfort and convenience during outdoor weddings, music festivals, private parties, or even at construction sites. Need porta potties? Contact Smith’s Septic Service today!