5 Statement Pieces of Hardware to Breathe Life to Your Vintage Cabinets

When you are planning your kitchen décor, it might feel like a dream come true. It is tricky, yes, for any homeowner. But at the same time, it is far from being tedious. This is the place where you will be able to show some of your creativity that will make your kitchen look like the way you want it to. It will become an extension of your personality as well as your choices. So, every detail of the space counts.

So, when you are planning to deck up your kitchen in the style of the old world, it is necessary that you think of coming up with details that will perfectly complete and complement the look. For that, choosing the right kind of hardware is necessary for your kitchen. When the vintage kitchen cabinets you are choosing will occupy the majority of the visible space of the kitchen, it is necessary that you think of the knobs and handles you need to choose with it too, as these accessories, even though small in size, will provide the perfect finishing touch. So, how can you choose the right hardware with your vintage cabinet? Take a look at the following points for getting inspired.

Classic Ceramic Knobs

If you want to revive the charm of the country kitchen in your home with a set of antique white kitchen cabinets, then ceramic knobs will be the best choice for you. Classic in style, these knobs bring with the sweet reminiscence of the old kitchen where grandma used to cook you delicious meals during your vacation afternoons, like digging in the bowl of pie while listening to her stories. While choosing this knob, you can opt for the plain white ones or you can choose the ones with funky patterns.

Sophisticated Glass Knobs

Another style of knobs that goes particularly well with white kitchen cabinets is the glass knobs. Very similar in appearance with the old fashioned whiskey decanter or French perfume bottle, these knobs look really delicate and sophisticated. While you can add a touch of elegance in your kitchen with these stunning knobs, they can be pretty easy to clean too.

Vintage Bin Pulls

No matter how many years have passed, you can never deny the appeal of bin pulls. This one is actually vintage in its charm and can be the best touch of the past era in your modern vintage kitchen. In fact, you can choose these pulls in golden or copper hues so that it will beautifully stylize the kitchen while adding a bespoke metal accent. In fact, you can pair these pulls with similar hued knobs too.

Retro Latches

How about adding a style that is retro in spirit? Latches have been popularized in the past era mainly in the pharmacies and the soda fountains. Today, when you are trying to give the finishing touch to your vintage or antique cabinets, these latches can play the perfect role of accessories for your kitchen cabinets. The only thing you have to do is keep the latches shiny and clean.

Industrial Pulls

If you want to walk on a more modern path while choosing the hardware for your vintage kitchen, going for industrial pulls with screws will be the perfect touch. Sturdy and highly functional, these pulls also exude an industrial appeal which will complement the décor really well.

So, now as you know how you can design a vintage cabinet with the right type of hardware, what are you waiting for? Choose the ones that will suit your cabinets and make the kitchen worthy of appearing in the glossy magazine covers.