You Are Buying A New Condo: Do You Need A Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker is not only useful for the sale of a property, but it is also true. The advice of a professional is always an asset, especially when it is the most important acquisition of your life.

It Will Save You Time And Energy

They render a great help when you want to buy condos (ซื้อคอนโด which is the term in Thai), but is it a necessity? You can succeed without it, but the game is not always worth the money.

Certain lifestyles are in line with platforms like, which allow buyers to carry out their research and make their appointments, but for many, time is short. If this is your case, selecting a real estate broker and then obtaining a financial prequalification (your borrowing capacity) become the first two steps to take to find your new home in peace.

It Will Not Charge You Any Service Fees

As a buyer, you do not pay for the services of the real estate broker you hire. The costs are charged to the seller. Why then, do you go without the expertise of an agent?

It Will Fill The Experience You Don’t Have

A real estate broker masters the market better than you do and will, therefore, have the flair to detect excessively high prices or scams. He will then be better able to negotiate with supporting arguments. In addition, he knows the manufacturers and their reputations and can certainly advise you to the best of them.

He Will Handle A Host Of Documents

If you hate paperwork, a real estate broker is the perfect choice for you. He will take care of the legal aspect: land register, a notice of non-compliance, promise to purchase, etc. In addition, the latter can recommend trusted professionals or coordinate operations with them.