Which High Table And Bar Stools To Choose For Your Dining Room

The choice of a high table accompanied by bar stools deserves special attention. To find the model that meets your needs, you need to consider certain criteria. Find out in this article everything you need to know about it.

Which Chairs Combine With A High Table?

For a 90 cm high table, it makes more sense to choose tall wooden bar stools (เก้าอี้ บาร์ ไม้ ทรง สูง which is the term in Thai)  whose seat is between 60 and 65 cm high. These bar stools are available in several models with different formats and colors.

Fixed Bar Stools

They can have one foot (rounded or square) or four feet. This second model is the guarantee of greater stability. On the other hand, its appearance is more rustic compared to the first model.

Height-Adjustable Stools

It may be worth investing in adjustable bar stools that can be adjusted according to the height of your plan. In addition, your guests will have the opportunity to do the same. This option is ideal because it can suit all sizes of people and existing furniture.

 It is possible to find on the market stools with a base adjustable in height with gas or without gas. This happily facilitates ascents and descents. Most models are fitted with footrests and armrests to ensure the comfort of their users.

What Style Of Bar Stools To Choose

Before anything else, make sure that the style of your bar stool is in perfect harmony with the rest of your dining room. A modern decoration will easily harmonize with any style of chairs: whether it is vintage, contemporary, industrial, or traditional.

 Conversely, a stool whose design is too modern will find it difficult to take its place in an interior that returns a traditional aspect unless you want to bring a more original touch (which belongs only to you) in your dining room.