What is Acoustic Vinyl Flooring? Quora

Acoustic vinyl flooringis one of the most soundproof flooringoptions for the bedrooms, schools, hospitals, libraries, and cinemas as well. When beauty of the floors is also required then acoustic vinyl can fulfill all the requirements. The main reason for installing this flooring is to reduce the sound of footsteps that creates a lot of disturbances. For homes, acoustic vinyl is especially the most beneficial one where children who keep on running or dropping various objects on the floors.

The reliable and most famous brands of acoustic vinyl flooring make it possible for the people to enjoy the high-quality. This is the same as vinyl flooring and comes in hard and soft materials that can be selected according to the usage. Both of the acoustic vinyl types are available in versatile varieties. The incredible varieties include brilliant hues along with original wooden texture that is the most demanded theme.


The increasing demand of acoustic vinyl flooring in the above-mentioned places, make it quite sturdy and appropriate. The following benefits make this flooring charming.

  • Eco-Friendly Flooring

It is considered as one of the most attractive benefits to install acoustic vinyl flooring.  It provides you a surface that is slip-resistant and makes you safe from various serious injuries. It also helps you to have hygienic and bacteria-free flooring due to the easy cleaning process of this esteemed flooring.

  • Leveling the Floor

Whether you select acoustic vinyl material in sheets or tiles form, it requires a plain and smooth surface before the installation. This flooring helps you to make your existing surface leveled through a simple process of self-leveling that is done through high adhesive liquid.

  • Hard Wearing floor

Acoustic vinyl gives you an option of using it for high traffic areas due to its sturdiness. No matter if it is installed at homes where children use the floors in a rough way or it is installed at hospitals where continuous ingoing and outgoing of patients makes no problem.

  • Water and Moisture Resistant 

Acoustic vinyl flooring is also a good option to install at watery and moisture places. This vinyl flooring is processed through extra layers to make it water and moisture-resistant. Especially for the kitchen and bathrooms whether in the homes, commercial places or hospitals, these acoustic vinyl flooring is there to provide you the most elegant and alluring flooring.