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What Are The Differences Between A Shed And A Log Cabin?

Log Cabin v Shed, What are the differences? | Garden Buildings

There is a tendency for outbuildings to be lumbered together. Sheds, to some, are seldom distinguished from summer houses and log cabins except for how they are used. However, this isn’t the case and, beyond whether your outbuilding is used for storage or for activities, there are a number of structural differences between various garden spaces too.

Log cabins, being one of the most popular garden outbuilding options alongside sheds, are a great place to start. Many might be led to immediately think of the rural cabins of Canadian landscapes, those built from robust logs chopped down from nearby woodland, however, the modern reality is (thankfully!) a little different.

Instead, modern log cabins, those that are appearing in residential areas, are much easier to construct and more affordable too. They are generally still made from sturdy timber but will often be from more specific varieties of wood since the UK’s climate places a significant demand on external structures. The dramatic temperature changes, as well as common rainfall, place a great deal of pressure on timber and can often cause it to expand, contract, and warp. As such, log cabins in the UK, especially high-quality designs, will be made from climate-suitable timber, such as spruce.

While garden sheds tend to be used solely for storage, meaning that their internal temperatures are less often considered, log cabins tend to be occupied and used for comfort, meaning that their construction should not only offer better insulation, with thicker walls, but also the prospect of added layers. As such, and instead of relying on a single-skin structure, some log cabin owners will even add internal insulation to their outbuildings, ensuring that it is warm throughout the year.

A common issue encountered with sheds is that they are premanufactured, meaning that some or all of the shed is fabricated before it arrives at a residential home. This means that properties must have an appropriate space within which the shed can be delivered to the garden. Log cabins, however, are created from their base materials, being delivered and constructed within the property. While this means undergoing a more rigorous construction process, it allows homeowners to ensure that their log cabin is built entirely to their needs and with the utmost quality.

The comfort offered by more robust construction then enables log cabins to be used for a wider array of purposes, moving away from storage and opening up greater opportunities for homeowners. Some modern examples of outbuildings are yoga studios, private offices, guest houses, and entertainment spaces.

As garden outbuildings and shed renovations become more popular, there is increasing diversity in their design too, opening up more opportunities for homes across the country to make great use of a log cabin or summer house. Similarly, their wider adoption is making them more affordable too.

So, if you are considering an upgrade for your tired garden shed, it might be the right time to consider upgrading your outbuilding into one that has more versatility and comfort, encouraging you to get more use out of your garden space and, ultimately, adding more value to your property.