Top Things to Consider Building a Pergola

A pergola, or a framework supporting plants, can be a beautiful addition to the home and garden space. There are quite a few important points that you need to consider before starting work on your own building project. Here are some factors that you have to take into account.

Contract or Self build

You have to consider how much of expertise you have, whether you are able to get a pergola builder Darwin that offers affordable services and whether you have the necessary tools to deal with the job. Check whether you can readily hire the contractor, which is particularly important to think about if you would like to have the project handled on a weekend.


In short, you need to consider how much of money you can actually afford to spend on the pergola project and on the pergola builder Darwin that you want to hire. It is sensible that you prepare a budget, as in case of any construction or renovation project. The price of pergolas can vary, and it is essential for you to understand how much of cash you have before initiating the project. You might have to make some adjustments to your budget over the course. However, if you keep allowances for all possible incidents, you would not have to deal with any bad surprises  before the project completion.

You have to prepare a list of all the materials that you will need, and mention their prices alongside. Obtain quotes from other workers or pergola builder Darwin that you might have to get, in case you will be unable to deal with the project on your own.


The design has to be created as well, and you need to think whether your pergola will be a freestanding structure or an extension of your veranda that is existing already. Remember that if the pergola is attached to your main roof, there could be a need for additional building approvals as structural issues might arise.

It is best that you use a ruler, a felt pen and some graph paper in order to make designs. Measure the space and on your plan, use a scaled version of the same. You would do well to get ideas from trade displays, magazines and other outdoor areas.

Approvals and permissions

In case the council would not permit your pergola construction, there is little point in spending money or time on a pergola builder Darwin. It is important to know what building approvals and planning permissions are needed before you begin.