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Things to Keep in Mind When You convert pdf to jpg Online

If you have documents in PDF format and you want to view them on your phone or tablet, you’ll need to convert them to a different file type. There are many apps available that let you convert PDF files to JPGs and other common image formats.

If you don’t have access to an app, don’t worry, it’s quite simple to do so using a website. When you convert pdf to jpg files online, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind to avoid complications later on.

Size Of The Image

The size of the JPG image depends on the resolution of the JPG image. The higher the desired resolution of the JPG image, the bigger the JPG file size. The said image size also depends on the image format. There are certain online PDF to JPG converters that allow you to choose the image format as well as the image size.

The image size should be kept in mind before converting the PDF to JPG because if you choose small image size, the quality of the image will be affected and if you choose a high-quality image, the file size will be large.

Lossy vs. Lossless Conversions

There are two types of file conversions when converting PDF to JPG files — lossy and lossless. Lossy is a type of compression that reduces the file size of the image without affecting its quality. Lossless compression, on the other hand, doesn’t reduce the file size but maintains the image quality.

The image quality can be reduced when converting from one image format to another, regardless of whether it’s lossy or lossless. But when it comes to converting PDF files to JPG files, you should always choose the lossless conversion.

Resolution of the Output Image

Another important thing to keep in mind is the resolution of the output image. You need to select the resolution of the image based on your requirement — if you’re converting the PDF file for your desktop wallpaper or printing, the resolution of the image should be high.

If you want to use the image on your phone, you can choose a lower resolution. The ideal resolution for an image depends on how large you want it to be and how far away you’ll be when you look at it. The larger the image and the farther away you are, the more detail you’ll be able to see.

If you want to use the image on your website, you should use the resolution of the device on which you want the image to be displayed. The resolution of the image also influences the file size.

Which JPG Quality to Choose?

Lastly, you can select the JPG quality for the converted image. This can be done by choosing the highest quality possible or by selecting a lower quality option. The higher the quality of the output image, the larger the file size of the image will be.

The lower the quality of the image, the smaller the file size will be. The JPG quality can be chosen depending on your requirement — if the image will be printed, you should choose the maximum quality possible, whereas if it’s only going to be shown on a website, choosing a lower quality will be beneficial.