Motorized blinds: color

Color combination is one of the aspects that makes a home live able. Choosing the color for your house can be hard but deciding the color of your motorized blinds in such a way that it goes well with the rest of the decorations is the harder decision. 

It can get a bit confusing to decide which color would go best with your house bit also shows your personality and creativity. Should you go with bright sunny colors, or it is time to keep the blinds in a light pastel aspect or cold undertones.

In this article, I will discuss with you some points which may help you in the choice to select the perfect coloration for your mood and yourself. It is always better to decide on the theme of the room it will narrow down your color choices making the decision easier.

  • Matching the blinds with trims: if you are not sure which color to choose that the easiest way out is to match the color with the trims or moldings of the windows. As most of the trims are white or pale you can always buy blinds of the same color to go for a neutral look. This option is ideal if you do not wish to make them the focal point of the room.
  • Wall color coordination: another safe way to blind color is matching with the wall. Similar tones are a fashion trend nowadays still if you wish to make them look different you can go with several shades lighter or darker of the same color to create contrast.
  • Wooden color coordination: to spice thongs up a notch you can choose the color or a shade of the wooden accessories or fixtures of your room. Whether it be flooring or the awning there are always different shades hidden in the wood or complimentary styles you can choose for your blinds.
  • Fabric color coordination: sometimes there is a piece of furniture or the cushions that you chose for the sofa may look out of space because there is no other thing of similar color in the room those is a great opportunity for you to choose the same or close to color form the blinds to ale blend into your room.
  • Sharp contrast: color contrast is one of the tested and approved techniques when choosing anything whether it be color or any other aspect of the blinds. A good example of this would be to go with dark blinds such as that royal blue or black in a pastel or off-white room with similar light-colored accessories. These combinations will give a bold look to your room while still looking like a classic piece.

Another important aspect of the room that might get overlooked is the size of the room itself. Keep in mind the dimensions when selecting the blind color. If the room is small then it is better to choose lighter colors because if you choose darker colors, it might make the room smaller than it already is. For the rooms that are bigger choose darker colors for a warm and cozy effect.