Treating termite prior to construction can help you protect against potential infestations in the future as they recurrently come where there is a lot of dampness & moisture. In old constructions, termites cause problems more often because they tend to stay in blocked/leak pipes. Nonetheless, protection against the creepy termites is essential. You need to take certain measures like professional post-construction and pre construction termite control treatments from a reputable company such as Pest Exterminators Surrey. Additionally, you can follow some tips mentioned in this blog. 


The primary step that you can take to prevent termite infestation at any new construction is getting a pre-construction termite control session by experts. They will analyze your construction area and treat it effectively with the help of potent chemical products to block the entry of termites inside the foundation. The experts will do the following:

  • Use the chemical solutions at the sides and bottom of the excavations
  • Drill the holes in the ground and use chemical products to fill them
  • Protect the point of contact of floors and walls with chemical solutions
  • Protect the piping by filling an area in pipe bedding with chemicals
  • Protect the areas with insecticides where wooden items will be installed

The pre-construction Melbourne treatment is a great solution for new construction projects but if you are living in a building that has got infested, then you can take the following steps to prevent future infestations:

  • Always keep gutters & drains clean otherwise leakage will happen and termites will get inside.
  • Ensure there are no broken/blocked pipelines.
  • Look for the excessive moisture inside the home. If you find any, immediately clean and dry them up.
  • As soon as you find termites in your home, apply readily available insecticides for quick action and prevention.
  • Remove wooden items that have got wet for a prolonged time.
  • Keep the room clutter-free, especially wooden items that are no more required.
  • Never bury any wooden thing in the ground directly.
  • Do not leave junctions unattended. Fill them with chemical products to ensure protection against termites.

So, these are some of the steps that you can take to prevent termite infestations for new and old constructions.

It is advised that you always take assistance from an expert pest controller such as 365 Pest Control. It is a licensed company that offers legit post and pre construction termite control services at reasonable prices.