How Far Would You Go To Choose The Right Sofa?

A sofa set is considered the house’s focal point as it is the first thing that catches one’s eye while entering the room. A sofa set should be selected with care and attention. Choosing a sofaset with soft fabric that is comfortable enough to relax with your family every day is important. The sofa set is the place where you can enjoy with your family together for evening chats and tea. There are different types of designs and shapes available in the market. It is vital to choose the right style that suits your living room. A sofa set should feel not only comfortable but also have excellent quality to last for many years. Any sofa set is a huge investment and should last at least a couple of years. There are various products available on the Wakefit website which helps you choose the right sofa for your home. Here are a few steps you should follow in choosing the perfect sofa.

Analyze the Size of the Room and Decide on the Size of the Sofa

An ideal sofa for the room fits in perfectly well and at the same time accommodates all the family members in it. You cannot buy a two or three-seater sofa for a family with six or eight members. Also, it is essential to measure your room dimensions with tape to know what size could be accommodated in the room. The living room contains not only the sofa set but also bookshelves, teapoys, study tables etc. Make sure you decide on a sofa that allows space for the other furniture too. A sofa set need not necessarily be placed only in a living room, but also in the bedroom, dining room etc. You can opt for a two-seater sofa set for the hall or dining room if space permits. Some homes might have a nice lounge or sit out with roof coverage. Try placing a small, soft and comfy couch to add to the look of the sit out. Sofas sizes differ from small, medium and large. 

Choose the Shape of the Sofa

The shape of the sofa is fundamental as it decides the layout of the living room. There are different types of sectional sofas, which allow you to divide the living room. If you have an empty corner in the room, you can opt for a corner sofa with matching cushions. There are L-shaped, C-shaped, U-shaped, curved and oval-shaped sofas. Choose the right one that adapts to the layout of your room. C-shaped and U-shaped sofas allow the family members to face each other during conversations. Make sure your sofa does not occupy the entire room space or extends past a wall. 

Think of the Type of Sofa you Want

Sofa types are based on usage and appearance. The different types of sofa sets are chaise, modular and sleeper. The chaise type sofas are very traditional and have a chaise either on the left or right side of the couch. It helps you stretch your feet out without any obstacle. You can also accommodate another person on the free end. The modular sofa can be dismantled easily and put together in a different form. The sleeper sofa has a pull-out couch on one end, as big as a queen-size bed. It could be used for unexpected visitors and guests at home. Another popular type of sofa is the reclining type which is used mainly by older people. Any one-seater sofa set comes with a reclining option for better usage and functionality. It could be a normal or power recliner. 

Choose the Right Kind of Materials and Stuffing

A sofa set comprises the frame, foam and outer fabric. Make sure you put together the right kind of materials to form a sofa. Choose a foam that is rigid and, at the same time, soft. The sofa should feel warm and comfortable to use. For those who have pets at home, ensure that your sofa material withstands the scratches made by pets’ claws. Do not compromise on the comfort, quality, softness, appearance and durability of the couch. The material should be able to showcase luxury and sophistication to visitors. 

Check if it Matches your Home Décor

The sofa set should blend along with the rest of the materials in the room. It should stand out and feel unique, but at the same time not seem odd or out of place. Match your sofa set with a nice teapoy to complete the look. You can also try various styles like traditional, vintage, contemporary etc. and select your sofa set accordingly. For example, choose a pastel colour theme with soft or velvet fabrics. Or you can choose subtle sofa sets and match them with bold coloured pillows to give a contrasting look.

Check Online to know more about the Current Trend

You can easily buy a sofa set online if you know what you require and what’s in the current trend. Check out the latest sofa designs and try incorporating them in yours. You can also get them customised if you are not satisfied with the options available online. Try mixing up two or three designs and forming a new one to add a personal touch to the sofa. 

Visit a Shop to Feel the Fabrics

The best sofa design is found only after a few visits to various shops and furniture showrooms. It is essential to touch and feel the fabric of the sofa before buying them. You can also sit on the sofa in the shop and see how comfortable and bouncy it is. Also, make sure that the fabric is wear and tear-proof so that it lasts long. Try choosing stain-resistant fabrics for easy maintenance. 

Sofas allow you to relax and laze around after a hard day of work. Make sure you buy one that is worthy enough and of the best quality. Your investment should solve the purpose of a comfortable, stylish, durable and soft sofa set.