Composite platform, alternative to traditional wood:

Composite decking Southampton emerged to solve the drawbacks of traditional wood outdoors. With the appearance and warmth of cellulosic fibres but with the reinforcement of the properties of the polymers. 

Different manufacturers of synthetic wood use different proportions of fibres and thermoplastics in its structure. In addition, the incorporation of additives allows the fibres to be coupled to the plastic matrix and guarantees the permanence of the material. 

What kind of composition are we talking about?

The mixture of natural wood fibres and polymers manages to obtain a firm material over time. A resistant and durable material that does not splinter or crack and that remains unchanged without the need to spend time and costs to maintain it.

Composite decking Southampton for exteriors, unlike what happens with tropical wood even treated, are easy to maintain, a simple periodic cleaning is enough to maintain all the appearance and properties of this unique material.

Composite floors are made from a mixture of natural wood fibers and high-quality plastics (high-density polyethylene) that are 100% recycled. It is a very strong construction material that has the same aesthetic appearance as conventional wood, resists humidity, extreme weather, and does not rot or splinter. It is especially suitable for exterior and saline environments where natural wood, even treated, deteriorates in a few months.

The wood that behaves like plastic outdoors:

WPC or Composite decking Southampton takes advantage of the aesthetic advantages and warmth of natural wood but improves its properties by incorporating the advantages of plastic: high durability and no maintenance, the aesthetic finish, and its great structural resistance make it an ideal material for manufacturing plastic flooring. It has numerous advantages:

– Without maintenance, saving time and economic resources.

– Durable, with good mechanical resistance.

– It does not rot, in contact with sand or seawater.

– Anticorrosive, does not deteriorate under the action of chemical products.

– Fire-resistant, does not spread the flame.

– Impervious to water and moisture.

– Weather-resistant, under any weather conditions.

– Immune to microorganisms, rodents, and insects.

– Does not require oils, paints, or varnishes.

– Non-slip and safe: will not crack, warp or splinter.

– Easy installation and cleaning.

– Available in a variety of colors.

However, today there are alternatives that simulate natural wood, with a similar appearance and texture but more advantageous, especially outdoors. Composite decking Southampton for exteriors is made up of a perfect mixture that is revolutionizing the market for exterior flooring.