AC Clogged Line Repairing Should Not Be Avoided

Your clogged AC drain pipe may become a serious headache for you if you do not address the issue immediately. That is because your AC is one of the important appliances in your household, which is needed for your daily comfort.

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When your AC is running, it will reduce the humidity in the room by pulling the entire moisture from the surrounding. While it collects the entire moisture, the water will drip into the condensation pan. The water must travel down the condensate drain. However, if ever a clog develops, the water will then back up and cause damage to your AC.

Clogged AC drain pipe signs

When you find that your AC system has stopped working then there can be a possibility of a clogged pipeline too. A few other signs that your AC drain pipe has clogged are as follows:

  1. Water flooding will take place around the AHU.
  1. If you find that AC is not cooling due to this reason then your water safety switch must have been triggered and preventing your AC to operate. Possibly there are waters around the safety switch that triggered it to cease its function.
  1. You may get a moldy smell in the house because of mold build-up inside your system. Sometimes, your AC may still run but does not smell good.
  1. If you find the condensate pan is full then there is a possibility of clog. You must act fast before mold can start growing.
  1. If you ever notice water damage all around your AC unit, on the floor, near the fan then this is also a sign of a drain blockage somewhere.