5 Effective Tips on How to Clean Your Home Before And After Party

Preparing and cleaning your house before your important party can make the event more successful. Every host wants their space to be ready and clean for their guests. Hence, keeping it clean throughout the party is another thing.

Did you know that you can manage your post-party cleaning duties and reduce the amount of work you need when the party is over?

According to Maid Sailors (maid service NYC) cleaning demand grows by huge percentage whenever there are important holidays to celebrate. May it be Saint Patrick’s day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas.

If you are excited about your party and want to work smart on the day, then follow these six tips to keep your home clean during and after-party.

1. Declutter Your Space Fast

Seeing your favorite countertop flower vase broken when the party is over is natural. People get silly, while some get drunk. With simple missteps, they could ruin your favorite items in the house.

Before the party, you need to declutter your space to save any breakable glass items and remove your favorite stuff. Do rounds in your house and identify items that can easily break.

2. Choose Less Mess Menu

If you have the power to choose what food you will be serving at your party, opt for less messy foods. Sliders, bite-sized, and grab as you go – these are the type of foods that will save you from cleaning duties.

Instead of serving full-sized meals to your guests, you would get trapped in the kitchen sorting everything and piling up the plates. Choose foods that are easy to serve.

Food examples:

  • A slider burger instead of that big messy burger.
  • A pizza sliced in bite-sized would also be perfect.
  • Some fruits on a small stick would be lovely too.

As much as possible, stay away from foods that require dips. You can save your time from mopping the floor or cleaning the carpet because of spills.

3. Put Trashbags On Plain sight

The easiest party cleaning tip is to ensure that your party guests can easily see your trash bags. When your guest can see where to put their empty disposable cups and plates, leftover food, and cigarette butts, they will certainly abide by this unspoken rule of keeping everything clean.

Save time from clearing up the heavy after-party mess by preparing a place or trashbag where they can throw things. Minimize the mess by scattering trashbags in different locations of your home.

4. Prepare For The Mess

When you have a party at home, you need to prepare your home before the storm. We are not just talking about decluttering, but if you can do the following one or two days before the party, your party will be smooth and fun.

Remove your carpet. You are already preventing spills and unwanted smells in your beloved carpet by doing this.

Prepare your kitchen. Some guests would love to roam around your space, and the kitchen is a crucial part because it’s where the food is coming from.

Ready your cleaning materials. When you know where your cleaning materials are kept, you can act fast and do a quick sweep whenever there is a mess that needs a quick cleaning.

5. Hire Professional Cleaners

Let it be known that you can hire professional cleaners whenever you can to save you from time-consuming cleaning duties.

Not everyone is blessed to have the time to sort everything, and therefore hiring someone to do the daunting cleaning task after a party can work.

Look for a local cleaning provider and get in touch. Give them the details and let them know what to expect when they arrive in your space. Calling in advance will have them prepare for what to clean and bring the right materials to clean your home.

To sum it up

We embraced the new reality when the world closed and restricted movements because of the Pandemic. Inviting your friends and family to come over to your home and celebrate your special occasion suddenly becomes new.

Cleaning before and after a party should not be a complicated thing. Follow the above tips and enjoy your party while keeping everything squeaky clean.